Howard, Nowicki Double Up in Summit Sportsman Series at US 131

MARTIN, Mich. – Lake Orion’s Tom Bailey, driving Skinny Kid’s blown 442 Cutlass, added US 131’s Imports vs. Domestics Quick 8 title to his resume Sunday when defending champion Ryan Hill of Valparaiso, Ind. couldn’t make the final round call in his 2002 Pontiac Firebird.

Bailey’s personal Camaro was hailed as the “Fastest Street Car in America” in 2013 after covering the quarter mile in less than 7.0 seconds in five different races at four different racetracks in five days during which it drove the distance between events on highways and back roads.   By comparison, Sunday was a piece of cake.

Sharing the Imports vs. Domestics winners’ circle with Bailey was Wyoming’s Greg Seher who used a .163 of a second starting line advantage to make a slower 8.057 the winner over John Kutsick’s 7.932 in the Domestic Quick 16 final.

In the IHRA Summit Sportsman Series doubleheader, Mark Howard of Hamilton and Mark Nowicki of Holmes Beach, Fla., were the only double-up winners.  Howard won Stock Eliminator on both Saturday and Sunday; Nowicki was the winner both days in Super Stock.

There were four other “near doubles” involving Travis Colangelo of Sandusky, Ohio, Rob Harvischak Jr. of Warren, Ohio, Jake Foster of White Cloud and Trey Goodson of Hartford.

Colangelo was the Top Dragster winner on Saturday and was runner-up to Ed Smith of LaSalle, Ontario on Sunday.  Harvischak was runner-up on both days, to Chris Osborn of Oakland on Saturday and Mark Sanders of Harrison, Ohio Sunday.  Foster and Goodson split the two Jr. Masters titles with Foster beating Goodson on Saturday and Goodson reversing the order on Sunday.

Other winners included Bernie Vanderploeg of Plainwell, Justin Moser of Portland, Ind., Rick Schneider of Rochester Hills, Mike Schiberi of Madison, Ohio, Vernon Rowland of Blanchard, Okla., and Kristopher Fields of Carleton.

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MARTIN, Mich. – Results from the IHRA Summit Sportsman National Championship Series at US 131 Motorsports Park (all hometowns are Michigan unless otherwise indicated.  Results include reaction time, track time, target time and finish line speed):


TOP DRAGSTER – Travis Colangelo, Sandusky, Ohio, .001, 7.236 on a 7.230, 183.90 mph, def. Brian McHattie, Youngstown, Ohio, .013, 7.363 breakout on a 7.380, 182.41 mph.
TOP SPORTSMAN – Chris Osborn, Oakland, .084, 6.934 on a 6.920, 199.29 mph, def. Bob Harvischak Jr., Warren, Ohio, foul.
QUICK ROD – Rick Schneider, Rochester Hills, .017, 8.905 on an 8.900, 175.58 mph, def. Kevin Trusty, Groveport, Ohio, .012, 8.899 breakout on an 8.900, 175.03 mph.
SUPER ROD – Justin Moser, Portland, Ind., .002, 9.913 on a 9.900, 170.91 mph, def. John Sikish, Belmont, Ohio, .025, 9.902 on a 9.900, 164.53 mph.
HOT ROD – Bernie Vanderploeg, Plainwell, .010, 10.896 on a 10.900, 135.87 mph, def. Jeff Fisher, New Alexandria, Pa., .033, 10.856 breakout on a 10.900, 137.99 mph.
SUPER STOCK – Mark Nowicki, Holmes Beach, Fla., .018, 9.673 on a 9.660, 133.97 mph, def. Bobby Rashid, Grosse Pointe Woods, .024, 9.810 on a 9.770, 133.65 mph.
STOCK – Mark Howard, Hamilton, .020, 10.985 on a 10.940, 109.25 mph, def. Parker Devore, Blanchard, Okla., .047, 12.069 on a 12.050, 108.04 mph.
DRAGSTER MASTERS – Jake Foster, White Cloud, .013, 8.012 on an 8.030, 81.52 mph, def. Trey Goodson, Hartford, .011, 7.891 breakout on a 7.910, 81.58 mph.



TOP DRAGSTER – Ed Smith, Lasalle, Ontario, Canada, .002, 7.286 on a 7.290, 183.37 mph, def. Travis Colangelo, Sandusky, Ohio, .025, 7.250 breakout on a 7.260, 185.26 mph.
TOP SPORTSMAN – Mark Sanders, Harrison, Ohio, .002, 7.955 on a 7.930, 174.08 mph, def. Rob Harvischak Jr., Warren, Ohio, .081, 7.562 on a 7.510, 176.75 mph.
QUICK ROD – Kristopher Fields, Carleton, .012, 8.903 on an 8.900, 161.70 mph, def. Gary Fleenor, Port Clinton, Ohio, .013, 8.903 on an 8.900, 173.81 mph.
SUPER ROD – Vernon Rowland, Blanchard, Okla., .015, 9.870 on a 9.900, 158.45 mph, def. Mike Lagos, Cass City, .014, 9.865 breakout on a 9.900, 154.91 mph.
HOT ROD – Mike Schiberi, Madison, Ohio, .006, 10.903 on a 10.900, 144.69 mph, def. Nick Karas, Northfield, Ohio, .000, 10.928 on a 10.900, 130.43 mph.
SUPER STOCK – Mark Nowicki, Holmes Beach, Fla., .016, 9.687 on a 9.690, 137.20 mph, def. Andy Kronenbitter, Millersport, Ohio, .028, 9.514 breakout on a 9.520, 136.61 mph.
STOCK – Mark Howard, Hamilton, .003, 10.964 on a 10.940, 113.09 mph, def. Kevin Zaskowski, Rockford, .052, 10.926 breakout on a 10.950, 113.24 mph.
DRAGSTER MASTERS – Trey Goodson, Hartford, .000, 7.955 on a 7.930, 80.62 mph, def. Jake Foster, White Cloud, .022, 8.044 on an 8.020, 81.05 mph.

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