4th Annual Bottom Bulb Bash/Jr. Dragster Bonanza

Bottom bulb racing is the core race group across the country.  There are no electronics allowed (other than a trans-brake).  Racers that are included in this race are Modified and Street racers from IHRA and Pro and Sportsman racers from NHRA, no-box cars allowed.  Bottom Bulb refers to when the driver leaves the starting line.  2017’s event will be a three-day event with each day paying a winning purse of $5000.   In addition Jr. Dragsters will be competing in two separate classes paying $100 to win on Friday and $500 to win on Saturday and Sunday. 

 Gates open at 9 am daily with time trials starting at 10 am.  Entry fees for Bottom Bulb racers are $250 for two or three-day race entry or $150 for either Saturday or Sunday.  Jr. Dragster entry fees are $75 for the weekend or $45 for Saturday or Sunday.  Crew and spectator admission is $30 for the weekend, $25 for a two-day pass or $15 per day.


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