Date posted: 9/4/2013 10:36:49 PM

Many loyal sponsors are contributing high tech parts for this engine as they have for the five previous engines put together by Engine Pro and US 131.  Included are Melling Performance's billet oil pump, JE  Pistons, Hastings Racing performance piston rings, Oliver billet performance connecting rods, Ferrea performance valves and Comp Cams valve train products,  Clevite engine bearings, Fel Pro performance gaskets and Milodon oil pan.  Pro Finish Powder Coating will be powder coating parts of the engine.  Other prizes to racers who do not win the engine are a $250 gift certificate from Pro Finish Powder Coating, and a six switch panel with pigtails from R&R Wireloom. 

To determine eligibility each racer entered into the track's bracket racing series in either the Top ET or Modified class.  The winner will be determined by taking the top 10 racers in point standings in each class.  All qualified racers will have their names placed in a box and the names will be drawn until only one name is left, the winner. 

Past winners are Dennis Geeting of Muskegon in 2008, Justin Wanamaker of Kalamazoo in 2009 Dave Lorentz of Benton Harbor in 2010, Rick Baad of Mattawan in 2011, last year's winner was Rick Morley of Holland.

Eligible racers are:

Top ET Top 10                                                                                    Modified Top 10

Dave Lorentz                                                                                     Kevin Groeneveld

Rusty Baad                                                                                          Stan Jones Jr.

Rick Baad                                                                                             Jeff Green

Jason Jenson                                                                                     Scott Sabin

Scott Taylor                                                                                        Louie Hall

Al Huston                                                                                            Brian Lillibridge

Craig VanderSloot                                                                            Tracy Muchler

Alan Connors                                                                                     Joe Wright

Rick Morley                                                                                        Al Bruischart

David Marckini                                                                                  Tim Howard