Date posted: 9/10/2013 3:22:55 PM

That winner was Tracy Muchler of Grass Lake, MI.  There was much excitement as Muchler's name was announced as the winner and much disappointment as racer's realized there were so close to winning, but it wasn't meant to be.

Sponsors for this 6th Annual Engine Pro Engine Giveaway in attendance were Tom Stuyvesant from Engine Pro, Mike Gaunt of Performance Engineering and Paul Hollstein of Melling Engine Parts, Wes Surface of Hastings and Jeff Hutchinson of Pro Finish Powder Coating and there were many thanks to be given from all racers in attendance.  "Our racers are extremely grateful and appreciative that they have the opportunity to not only race for the largest, weekly guaranteed purse at US 131 each points race, but that they also have the opportunity to win this terrific racing engine put together for them from our sponsors," stated Stephanie Peterson, Marketing Director of US 131 MSP. 

Rusty Baad was the runner-up and so very close to the win.  Baad walked away with a set of brand new valve covers and a $250 gift certificate from Pro Finish Powder Coating as did the third place racer Kevin Groenveld.  David Marckini was the fourth racer standing before his names was drawn.  Marckini's parting gift was a six-switch panel with pigtails courtesy of R&R Wireloom presented by Mitch and Katie Vangent.

Last year's engine winner was Rick Morley of Allendale, past winner's include Dennis Geeting, Justin Wanamaker, Dave Lorentz and Rick Baad.